De Soto River


De Soto High School hired Stormwater Solutions Engineering to provide flood restoration and mitigation assistance following a county-wide flood emergency in September 2016. FEMA funds were allocated to the school to repair damage to their athletic fields and creek, as well as a portion towards mitigating future flood events. SSE modeled creek hydrology and hydraulics to confirm existing site susceptibility to flooding, and ultimately proposed intentional flood storage on the practice fields and raising the main field above 100-year flood elevations, while also ensuring adequate drainage of surface flows back to the creek. The main field was crested to the maximum extent allowable by National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) field requirements. SSE proposed integrated bank stabilization, including fabric encapsulated soil lifts for the creek banks along the athletic fields to provide stability, as well as natural stream habitat. The completed site was tested with a series of large storms in 2018 and passed with flying colors!


“Carrie Bristoll-Groll provided an exceptionally thorough proposal presentation that was informative, detailed and one that focused on both the restoration and mitigation work essential to harden the facilities against future flooding incidents. Stormwater Solution Engineering’s design plan comprehensively addressed the complex issues that resulted from the FEMA declared natural disaster which impacted our facilities, sports fields and creek bank. Carrie and project engineer Adrienne Cizek were readily accessible, providing ongoing consultation and support throughout the planning and construction phases of the project, including traveling for site visits to ensure project specifications were being met by the contractor. Both Carrie and Adrienne also provided clear, specific and understandable expert analysis and project information which we utilized in our public communications throughout the project. Overall, it was a highly collaborative experience working with Stormwater Solutions Engineering, one that exceeded expectations.” - Linzi Gronning, De Soto MS/HS Principal & Superintendent