Velp Avenue Pond


The Velp Avenue Stormwater Pond was designed and constructed as a part of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) US-41 and Velp Avenue Interchange project. The pond was designed to serve 82 acres of roadway drainage, reducing the peak flow by 85% and removing over 80% of the total suspended solids.

The pond was placed within an airport radius, requiring special design needs per FAA, and poor soils in the area created constructability and leakage problem. Limestone shelves with no surrounding vegetation were installed to discourage waterfowl, and the pond was also designed with special vegetation and hardscape to deter geese. A geosynthetic clay liner was also specified to mitigate the poor subsoils. Also, given that the Beaver Dam Creek was adjacent to the pond, it required a clay embankment design with a back-flow preventer.

This project required coordination with the community, sewerage district, and utilities. Overall, the project presented various challenges that were addressed through innovative and integrated design, and collaboration.