Why Us

We’re unique in a number of ways that benefit our clients. We’re the only stormwater-focused engineering firm in Wisconsin. Because of our focus and expertise, we have a broad toolbox to draw on to address water-based regulations. And we strive to assist clients in finding their solutions to stormwater issues, instead of just offering a “cookie-cutter” approach.


Our Mission

We believe that we have a responsibility to future generations to leave things better than we found them. We also believe that nature often provides the very best tools for managing water. So we work to improve the built and natural environments within communities through sustainable engineering and design.

We care about your engineering needs and environmental stewardship. We will listen closely as you describe your goals, treating your project as we would our own, and we will work with you to develop functional, beautiful, and environmentally sound solutions to your engineering challenges.

OUR Core Values

We understand the importance of earning and keeping your trust, and our core values reflect that understanding:

  • Professional Integrity

  • Exceptional Quality

  • Comprehensive, Thoughtful, and Personalized Service

  • Creative and Innovative Solutions

  • Positive Attitudes



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Our Professional Certifications & Affiliations

Our sister Company

We’ve created a company and a product that helps us meet our mission.

StormGUARDen is an attractive, low cost and low maintenance rainfall integration solution that manages roof runoff at your downspout. Combining the benefits of seven rain barrels and a rain garden, it captures rainwater to direct it away from your building’s foundation, grow beautiful gardens, and protect local waterways from pollution.